Of fixed abode. Lymington.

After five years of nomadic living, jumping from boat to boat, endless hotels, B&B’s, family and generous friends’ sofas I have finally rented a flat with my partner…for six months to begin with. For me, no small feat.

I was taken in by Lymington’s undeniable charm the first time I sailed here. It was a bitter January night and we tied up to the town quay pontoon before walking up an icy cobbled street to the King’s Head pub, one of the most welcoming I can imagine on a cold night, complete with a roaring fire. We devoured an enormous portion of fish and chips washed down with numerous pints of HSB beer, before sinking into a deep sleep. The next morning I took the above picture before having a walk around the town.

Lymington is as sailing centric as English towns get, with the Solent on one side and the New Forest on the other. I’m looking forward to getting to know it properly.

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