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Commuting between London and Palma most weekends last year, I got good at packing light; gradually reducing my carry-on down to ten kilograms. It became a something of an obsession.

Being able to pack in ten minutes and disappear significantly changes how you live. It’s cathartic. Fundamentally, life is better than when I was hauling around stuff I didn’t need.

Having recently returned from six months of working and travelling all over Asia, travelling with one bag only, the following has served me very well…


  • 4X Long Sleeve Linen Shirts
  • 3X  T-shirts
  • Long sleeve wool sweater
  • Rab Microlight Vest– fantastic added warmth to weight ratio, invaluable
  • Soft-shell jacket- waterproof and warm
  • 7X underpants
  • 7X Bridgedale CoolMax Liner Socks– fast drying, comfortable, very lightweight
  • Rohan Jeans Plus- look like jeans but actually fast drying material
  • Lightweight chinos- for meetings, something slightly smarter
  • Driving shoes very lightweight and smart enough for meetings
  • 1X Swim shorts
  • 1X Shorts
  • Flip-Fops
  • Timberland boots- tough and waterproof, but have to be worn onto aeroplanes, for winter trips only
  • Sunglasses in a hard case

Toiletries – all packed in a clear Osprey bag for the airport

  • Miniature shampoo
  • Tiny bar of soap- the old fashioned kind
  • Somerset’s Shave Oil– old school, minuscule, works
  • Toothbrush
  • Floss
  • Anti-perspirant
  • 1X Blister Pack Paracetamol
  • 1X Blister Pack Ibuprofen
  • Compeed Blister Plasters
  • A couple of washing powder tablets- important!
  • Alcohol hand cleaning gel


  • MacBook Air 11″ and charger
  • Sony RX100M3- an incredible camera, but one that’s had a few issues
  • GoPro3- perhaps excessive to have two cameras, but I love the wide angle shots the GoPro takes
  • Skross World Travel Adaptor- big, but covers all bases and charges 2 USB devices at once, well made
  • USB Cables- tough braided ones off Amazon, supplied ones are useless
  • ScanDisk 64GB USB Drive- to expand laptop capacity and transfer large files
  • iPhone 6s in a waterproof Lifeproof case- ugly but indestructible
  • Bose Quietcomfort3 noise canceling headphones- invaluable, with spare battery
  • iPod Classic- still great as it holds every song I own, an iPhone can’t do that
  • Spare USB drive- containing PDF scans of all travel documents and sailing licences- infinitely useful


  • Pocket folder containing hard copies of all travel documents
  • Good supply of business cards
  • Any spare room is given to paperback books- this can become problematic, but I just don’t like the Kindle!

All the above weighs in a little over 10kgs.

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