Sussex to Osaka.

Preparing to move to Osaka has meant a temporary move to Sussex to get everything organised and get some practice teaching English- something I am hoping to do in Japan a couple of days a week. I spent July getting my Cambridge CELTA English teaching certificate, an experience in itself, but worth the sleep deprivation in the end. I will be teaching specialist maritime English courses in the near future. Watch this space.

Sussex has really grown on me. As for a favourite place, I’m undecided between Hove and the village of Firle, where a brilliant pub discovery was made last week. The Ram Inn. 

Squeezed between Japan preparations and teaching have been a wild camping expedition, swimming in surprisingly warm rivers, and exploring the Sussex countryside.

This week I am making a dash to Mallorca to bring a yacht Oofledust to Southampton in time for the Southampton Boat Show. I then have ten days to sell my car etc, before jumping on a plane to Hong Kong. We’re spending a couple of days there on the way to Osaka.


Dawn at Dallas woods

2016-07-16 14.44.12

Low tide at Bosham.

2016-07-17 14.54.57-1

Ashore in the tender at Chichester harbour.

2016-07-18 11.39.30-1

Near Lewes.


Sunset at Devil’s Dyke.

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