The Best Marina In The World? St Kitts.

When I learned to sail in The Solent, over a very cold UK winter, we would occasionally splash out on a mooring at Berthon marina in Lymington. Principally, this was for their really good showers. It might sound ridiculous to the non-sailor, but a decent shower and a visit to one of Lymington’s pubs is nectar from the Gods after a cold day on the water beating to windward.

2015-04-04 12.11.27

Now sailing in slightly warmer climes most of the time I have seen many marinas boast about their  facilities. On a recent visit to St Kitts I tied up to a brand new pontoon promising more than water and electricity. Christophe Harbour is a staggeringly ambitious project by a sailing yacht owner. It is already excelling in it’s delivery of an incredibly special marina experience.

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2015-04-04 17.07.47

After giving the boat a good wash down I spent three days breathing it in…and even found another decent shower.

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